An Italian afficionado of the riddles of Mars has found another image of what definitely looks to be a human head on the surface of Mars. The image, a profile of a man, is much more distinct than the now well known face which was widely studied some years ago.

The latest image can be found online on the Google Earth site which includes many images of Mars. For those who desire more information, Google shows the image at Latitude 33°12'29.82"N, Longitude 12°55'51.21"W. The Mars pictures were sent back to Earth from a European Space Agency (ESA) probe orbiting the Red Planet.

In addition to the well known face image seen some years ago (and widely researched by media figures such as Richard Hoaglund), many are unaware of the fact that Stewart Best, one of the radio hosts on the V Channel, discovered what appears to be ruins of buildings on NASA derived images of Mars a few years ago. Best named the complex Tithonia City, and produced a commercial video on the subject.

As usual, he was met with scorn and derision, but Stewart has persevered. For more information on Stewart Best's research, listen to the short audio on PROJECT REDSTAR

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